Fatherless Daughter Women

Breakthrough Program

The Only Virtual Online Program Dedicated to Fatherless Daughter Women!

Program at-a-Glance

Many Fatherless Women have buried deep within their subconscious mind unresolved and unrecognizable patterns that show up in their daily lives. They are hidden in your blind spots. These patterns can prevent you from achieving the kind of life you desire and deserve. It’s a hidden, invisible pain that sneaks up on you.  We at The Fatherless Daughters Network want to change this for fatherless women everywhere.

The Fatherless Daughters Breakthrough Program is a four part home study, result based program to help fatherless daughter women begin to heal their daddy wounds through the power of love, acceptance and forgiveness.

This Program is designed to help you:

Identify Your Core Daddy Issues/Wounds, Release and Breakthrough Any Barriers That Keep You Stuck.

Learn How to Redefine Who You Are, Reclaim Your Value/Worth and Rewrite a New Narrative for Your Life.

Lesson 1: The Making of a Fatherless Daughter

Learn what is a Fatherless Daughter and the impact it’s having on your life right now. You will also learn how to make the shift from where you are to where you want to be.

Lesson 2: Fatherless Daughter Archetypes

Identify the patterns that are showing up in your life that have prevented you from achieving success in your life. And learn how make new choices to change and transform these patterns for good.

Lesson 3: Daddy Love Styles

Learn the 5 ways a father demonstrates his love to his daughter and how it impacts her life as she becomes a woman. Even when he’s an absent father, he’s sending her a message.

Lesson 4: Journey to Being Process™

This process is the foundational framework that brings the entire program together. Three core principles will be used to help fatherless women rewrite a new narrative for their lives and create a hope for the future.

Beautifully Designed Keepsake Templates

You will receive beautifully designed worksheet templates for you to complete. They will make for a great keepsake and a reminder of what you have accomplished in this program.