I’m Not That Woman…A Fatherless Daughter’s Journey to Being by Angela Carr Patterson

Cover BookThis is the story of one woman who simply wanted someone to love her. She finally discovers what she’s looking for, but in a place she never thought to look, within herself. Angela Carr Patterson weaves an authentic, painful, yet transformative journey inside the deeper parts of women who grew up without the safety and security of a loving, hands-on father.

In this book, she defines the true meaning of a fatherless daughter and explains why so many women suffer from this syndrome, even though their fathers were in the home with them. Angela shares her inner most secrets as she attempts to help women to understand that it’s not what they are doing that’s keeping their lives stuck; instead it’s who they are being. Angela offers seven keys to discovering your truest authentic voice and to help you begin your “journey to being.





Our Invisible Cries in the Dark…Letters to Fathers From the Daughters They’ve Forgotten


It’s every little girl’s dream to be her daddy’s little princess. Yet, not every girl has a change to experience this beautiful relationship with her father. The fact is, one in three girls will go to bed tonight without the confidence of knowing that she’s loved and protected by her dad. Many girls are growing up with an unattached, unavailable or absent father. When this happen, it leaves a hole in the soul of the woman she becomes. This is a book of letters from women and girls who only wished their fathers would hear their cries of their dark souls.