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black-father-black-dad-and-daughter.jpeEvery little girl desires to be daddy’s little princess. But not every girl will have a chance to experience this beautiful relationship with her father. The fact is, one in three girls will go to sleep tonight without the confidence of knowing that she’s loved and protected by her dad.

There’s much research and data to support this claim. Yet, we believe most fathers, regardless if they are absent, unavailable or unattached to their daughter, desire to be that protector for his little princess. We also believe that he does wake up each day thinking about her and wanting to be there for her.

Yet for a number of reasons, too many to state right now,  he doesn’t know how or he’s incapable of showing up as she needs him to show up. Then there are those dads who are in their daughter’s life physically, but for some reason he still struggles to connect deeply with her and create the bond that she longs to have with her daddy.

Father Loves Best Workshop, created by Angela Carr Patterson, is designed to address the many ways a dad can learn how to foster a deeper relationship with his daughter that speaks to her essential needs and desires.  The workshop is for any father, whether he’s present, absent, unattached or unavailable in his daughter’s life. Fathers will learn what happens when he fails to provide the 4 P’s that every female needs from her dad and how to avoid Making his little girl a Fatherless Daughter.

Presented with a nonjudgmental and non-condescending approach, our Certified Fatherless Daughter Advocates will speak to the heart of every father who desires to rekindled, reconnect or re-enter his daughter’s life in a deeper, fulfilling and more meaningful way. Whether your daughter is 15 or 50 years of age, it’s never too late to for her to become Daddy’s Little Girl.

Program at-a-Glance

For Every Father Who Has a Daughter

Father-And-Daughter-In-Argument1In this powerful, deep, provoking and heart touching presentation, our Fatherless Daughter Advocates will share with dads the 4 most important and essentials needs every girl must receive from her father in order to be successful in life. In this workshop, fathers will be given an inside picture of what a female’s life looks like when she grows up without the love, attention and presence of her father. Through our Five Daddy Love Styles, fathers will learn the manner in which they demonstrate their love to their daughters can impact what she thinks and feels about herself as she gets older.

Presented in a non-judgmental and non-condescending approach, this is a deep dive examination into the specific pains, problems and consequences in a daughter’s life when certain essentials are not met. In conclusion, fathers will learn what they can do to permanently reverse, change and transform these consequences.

Workshop Includes:

  • The Making of a Fatherless Daughter: Could Your Daughter Be a Fatherless Daughter? There’s Danger in Not Knowing.
  • The Fatherless Daughter’s Archetype System: An Inside Picture of What a Female’s Life Looks Like When She Grows Up Without the Proper Love, Validation and Presence of a Father.
  • Your Daddy Love Style and The Impact It Has On Your Daughter’s Life.
  • The 4 P’s to Fatherhood: What Every Female Needs From Her Father. 

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