Six Cities and One Amazing Day of Transformation and Healing! 



formDecorationThe Beautiful Awakened Daughters Summit is an unforgettable, interactive day of transformation and healing for girls who are growing up with an unattached, unavailable or absent father.  Girls, ages 13-17, from local schools and organizations will be invited to spend a day engaging in interactive workshops/activities.  Based on our groundbreaking work, “The Journey to Being Process™”, attendees will  participate in a transformative curriculum, engage in open panel discussions and listen to powerful speakers.   The girls will also partake in a special ceremony entitled, “The Love Experience.” The Love Experience is an inspirational and heart touching ceremony that will inspire the girls to take the Vow 2 Love, which is a pledge love themselves unconditionally and to live love as a lifestyle. 

Girls will be encouraged to never forget who they are and know that they are love, loved, lovable beyond their fatherlessness. Combining music, dance and some great speakers, this event is sure to transform these daughters into extraordinary young women.  To conclude this life changing event, lunch will be provided and the girls will delight in a special session with a national beauty consultant and learn have fun with some amazing products they can take home.  Each girl will also receive a Swag Bag fill with great items to take home. 

The Beautiful Awakened Daughters Summit is committed to helping girls move beyond the painful ache of fatherlessness onto a journey of love, acceptance and forgiveness.


This Event Will Help Girls:



girls_PNG6433Redefine Who Are You Beyond Your Fatherlessness? Participants will learn how to retrace their lives beyond being fatherlessness to understanding who they really are. Our pain can never heal until we heal our misplaced sense of identity. Using our Fatherless Girls Archetype Systems, the girls will come to identify their strengths, understand their unique patterns and release any destructive behaviors that no longer serve them.

Reclaim Your Worth by Knowing You Are Loved. A girl learns to love herself through the love she sees mirrored back to her in her father’s eyes. When a father doesn’t make it clear to his daughter that he loves her unconditionally for who she is, the daughter begins to feel unloved and unworthy. Through our powerful interactive exercise, girls will learn how to love themselves more powerfully and completely and recognize their value and worth.

Rewrite a New Narrative For Your Life Because You Have The Power!  Often times, our girls give away their power because of their father hunger and thirst for someone to love them. Girls will learn how to access their true power within by understanding the Source of this power. As a result they will begin to see a new possibility for their lives through activating their dreams for the future.

We Are Coming to a City Near You!

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The Beautiful Awakened Daughters Summit will be held in six different cities. Each event is FREE to the participants. 

All Events are FREE!

Time of All Events: 9AM – 1PM

Tour Cities and Dates!


       Charlotte, NC—March 25, 2017          1446168070515



              Augusta, GA — May 20, 2017                       1446168070515



Columbia, SC —June 10, 20171446168070515



More Updates Coming Soon for These Cities!

Pensacola, FL                                                                 July 15, 2017                                                      Registration Open Soon!

Atlanta, GA                                                                      August 5, 2017                                                 Registration Open Soon!

A Special Message From Our Founder, Angela Carr Patterson!

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We Need Your Help! 


IMG_5686_background 2Greetings!

My name is Angela Carr Patterson and I am the founder of the Fatherless Daughters Network and the creator of The Beautiful Awakened Daughters Summit.

Over the years, I’ve dedicated my time to working with Fatherless Daughter Women who grew up with an unattached, unavailable or absent dad. This one key missing element in a female’s life can have many devastating consequences on her once she reaches adulthood. It was through this work with the adult women, that I began to hearing from so many young girls who were also struggling with this issue.

As a fatherless daughter, I understand the pain and isolation I felt growing up without my dad. I also wish there had been someone who understood this silent pain that I carried within me and didn’t have words to articulate. That’s why I am delighted this event exists for those girls who deserve to be heard and healed.

As a result of my work and listening to countless women and girls from around the world, The Beautiful Awakened Daughters Summit was created. Through this incredible event, we aim to change this tragic story of fatherlessness and help our girls move their lives towards a path that gives them freedom, joy and peace.

We make each of these events FREE to the participants and we want to keep it this way. We rely on the total support of sponsors, community supporters and friends to produce these events. Without such support, The Beautiful Awakened Daughters Summit will cease to exist.

Will you help us help girls heal and transform their lives beyond their fatherlessness? Please click on the button below to learn more about how you can help us continue this effort.

We Need Your Help!

Our Previous Summits

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