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About The Fatherless Daughters Network

“A Fatherless Daughter is a female who grew up with an unattached, unavailable or absent father.”


dad-daughterThe Fatherless Daughters Network initially began as a private online community of women who simply wanted to share their stories and connect with each other about their fatherless daughters’ experiences.

Today, The Fatherless Daughters Network is a global community of Certified Fatherless Daughter Advocates who aim to elevate the awareness of the negative impact that fatherlessness has on a female’s life. 

This rapidly growing community of women provide educational services, resources, online and live events designed to combat and decrease the many negative influences on the lives of females who grew up fatherless.

Through monthly, quarterly and annual meetings, activities, workshops, retreats and conferences, lead by our Certified Fatherless Daughter Advocates, women and girls can learn empowering tools for healing old wounds, while finding support, strategies and sisterhood.

We offer result driven curriculums and programs designed to help women and girls move beyond their old painful stories and rewrite a new narrative of hope and promise for the future.

We also provide them access to online forums and opportunities to participate in our online community where they can connect, share and grow through a path of love, acceptance and forgiveness.

Based on the teachings of Angela Carr Patterson’s groundbreaking work, “The Journey to Being Process™”, women and girls will learn how to reawaken who they are beyond their fatherlessness, reclaim their worth and rewrite a new narrative for their lives.


The AIM of The Fatherless Daughters Network is:

  • To give women and girls a bigger picture of how their father-daughter relationship has impacted their day-to-day life and what they  can do to change it.
  • To give women and girls practical tools and resources to enable them to live a more happier, peaceful, and meaningful life.
  • To assist women and girls in healing their daddy wounds by establishing an identity for themselves beyond their fatherlessness ;to become more aware of the power of forgiveness to heal; and to make the most of their future by clarifying their next step.
  • To help estrange fathers, where possible, foster a deeper relationship with their daughter that speaks to her essential needs. And to offer these dads the tools to reconnect and rekindle a more meaningful and fulfilling relationship with their daughter.
  • Lastly, to rebrand the image of fatherless women and girls by demonstrating the truth of who we are through our strength, our character and our contribution to the world.

What was once a simple online community for women to connect and share their issues, The Fatherless Daughters Network has now become a Leading Premiere Movement to help transform the lives of fatherless women and girls, one heart at a time.

What is a Fatherless Daughter?


10532383_10152588259205731_4820319572766875168_nA Fatherless Daughter is a female who grew up with an absent, unattached or unavailable father. This one key missing element in a female’s life can have real consequences on her as she becomes a woman.

The impact of an absent, unattached or unavailable father on his daughter’s life is critical when it comes to how she views herself and the world.

When a girl’s father makes it clear to her that she is loved unconditionally for who she is and that he approves of her, he begins to lay a foundation for her healthy sense of self worth, self love, and self value. This foundation will follow her into adulthood.

If, however, the little girl does not have such a relationship with the father, if she sees rejection, or emotional coldness or withdrawal from him; her sense of self will be tainted.

If he simply is not available and doesn’t provide for her needs, her self confidence becomes warped or non-existent. In addition, her portrait of a loving relationship or her image of provisions may become distorted or dysfunctional, and she may find herself – lacking and feeling unsafe and insecure.

We believe there are four primary essential needs a young girl must receive from her father:

  1. His Provision
  2. His Protection
  3. His Presence
  4. His Praise

If these essential needs are NOT met early on in a girl’s life, she begins to feel unsafe, insecure, unwanted, unloved and rejected. There begins the “Making of a Fatherless Daughter Woman.


Females Who Grow Up Fatherless Are:

  1. Eight times more likely to go to prison.shutterstock_39452791
  2. Five times more likely to commit suicide.
  3. Twenty times more likely to have behavioral problems.
  4. 32 times more likely to run away.
  5. Ten times more likely to abuse chemical substances.
  6. Nine times more likely to drop out of high schools
  7. 33 times more likely to be seriously abused.
  8. 73 times more likely to be fatally abused.
  9. One-tenth as likely to get A’s in school.
  10. On average have a 44% higher mortality rate.
  11. On average have a 72% lower standard of living

The above facts are taken from: US Department of Health and Human Services, US Department of Health & Census, Rainbow of All God’s Children, Parents of Prison Policy Review 2003 and US Department of Justice Special Report.


Symptoms of a Fatherless Daughter:

  •  Rage and Angerwomen-chatting
  • Feelings of Abandonment
  • Overdriven by Success
  • Trust and Commitment Issues
  • Challenges with Shame, Sex and Intimacy
  • Low Self Image
  • Difficulty in Sustaining Healthy Lasting Relationships
  •  Issues Around Money.



On Being a Fatherless Daughter


Embracing-you-1 copy 2We all have a biological father but when the term fatherless is used it means that the father figure is just not present in the daughter’s life.

He may be unavailable, unattached or absent. Perhaps he’s dead, lacks the skills needed to bond with his daughter, may have run away or maybe he’s physically present but not attentive and caring.

Pope John XXIII once said: “It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father.” It’s not easy to cope with being fatherless. As human beings, we crave to be loved, cared for, and cherished by those who brought us into life.

If this is your reality, know that you are not alone. More women are fatherless than you can imagine.

A recent study from Lisa Mancini and Professor Briggs says: “As the divorce rate in the United States climbs to nearly 50 percent, fathers seem to be disappearing from their daughters’ lives.

Research shows that girls and young women who have an unstable father figure are more liable to have unplanned pregnancy, low-self esteem, high school and college drop-out, poverty, divorce and sexually promiscuous behavior.”

Sad? Yes. But you can prevent this tragic story from becoming your fate or the fate of your loved ones.


The questions that come to the mind of every fatherless daughter are very painful:

1. How could my father abandon his own daughter emotionally, financially, physically, or even worse, abandon me at all?

2. Why is it so hard for you to be a good father to me?

3. Doesn’t my father realize that I need his positive influence to make it through life nicely?

4. And the worst one… does he love me? “Does he love me?” is the worst question that comes to mind, because it’s a reoccurring question in the mind of every fatherless daughter.

Truth of the matter is, some fathers don’t know how to love their children. Many do abandon, use, abuse, and manipulate their children. There’s nothing one can do to change such parents. That’s just who they are.

But we can change how millions of women and girls feel inside and how they respond to this uncaring behavior of their fathers. We can decrease the many social ills that are created by fatherlessness by providing hope, information, transformation and inspiration through The Fatherless Daughters Network.

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