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It’s More Than an Event…It’s a Movement

March 6-7, 2020 Online Live Conference

Never Leave Home & Experience Two Amazing Days of Hope, Healing and Love

Hosted by The Fatherless Daughters Network Certified Advocates and Founder, Angela Carr Patterson

We are excited to invite you to join us for two incredible and amazing days filled with information, transformation and fun. The Making of a Fatherless Daughter ONLINE Women’s Conference is the first of it’s kind dedicated to helping women who grew up with an unattached, unavailable, absent father or flawed father-daughter relationship to flourish and rewrite their own love story. 

Join women from around the world, ONLINE, who share a common pain of fatherlessness by connecting, sharing and growing in a safe and sacred space filled with love, acceptance and forgiveness. Our aim is to rewrite this tragic story by showing you how you can flourish with hope and healing beyond fatherlessness. It’s a powerful and wonderful journey…a journey worth taking. 

We Aim To Do 3 Things: 

1) Redefine Who You Are Beyond Your Fatherlessness;

2) Reclaim Your Value and Worth by Actualizing the Power of Self Love;

3) Rewrite a New Narrative for Your Life and a Hope for Your Future.

Powerful Online Sessions


Are You a Fatherless Daughter? 

You will explore an in-depth look into the definition of a fatherless daughter and many of the misconceptions that have caused this group of women to go unnoticed and underserved. You will be introduced to our trademark “Fatherless Daughter Archetype System™”, which will provide a closer look into the beliefs and behaviors associated with fatherless daughter women.

You Are Not Your Patterns

Patterns play a huge role in the behaviors and choices of a fatherless daughter woman. This session examines how patterns are formed, how they show up in the lives of fatherless women, and why they are so difficult to identify.  Keys for learning how to identify, release, and transform these patterns will be taught.


Your Journey to Being™

This session will introduce you to The Journey to Being Process™ which is the foundational teaching of our program. Learn steps for healing and flourishing beyond fatherlessness. You will also learn the power of forgiveness, and how release what no longer serves you as you begin to rewrite your own love story and a new narrative for your life. One of the most important sessions of the event. 

Live Streaming A Soul Stirring Film 

On April 20, 2016, eight brave women sat in front of a camera to share their truths. The truth of growing up as a fatherless daughter. Pushing beyond their pain and shattering their shame, these women bared their souls about what it felt like to be abandoned, ignored and forgotten by a father who was supposed to love them. By embracing the courage to relive what they believed were some of the most painful times in their lives, these women have now become a part of our movement to help fatherless women awaken to the truth of who they are and reclaim their worth and rewrite a new narrative for their lives.

The Making of a Fatherless Daughter is a simple film filled with a powerful and rich message. You will have a chance to watch this highly acclaimed documentary online right from the comfort of your home. 

Love Experience Closing

Join our founder, Angela Carr Patterson, as she shares her powerful heart stirring message “Your Journey to Being” and gives you a closer look into how you can finally heal and move your life forward.  Participate in a beautiful, sacred life changing exercise called The Love Experience. This closing event will leave an imprint on each woman’s heart. 

Online Conference Schedule:

Note: Times are Eastern Standard Time Zone.

DAY ONE: Friday, March 6th:

10:00 am – Session One:  Are You a Fatherless Daughter?

12:00 pm – Session Two: You Are Not Your Patterns

  2:00 pm – Session Three: Your Journey to Being™

DAY TWO: Saturday, March 7th

10:00 am- Live Stream The Making of a Fatherless Daughter Documentary Film

1:00 pm –  Love Experience Closing w/ Angela Carr Patterson


Early Bird Registration Only $55

Note: All Registration is Non-Refundable.