I’ve been hearing from many of you who are saying this series has helped to you to better understand how your daddy’s love style impacted your life and what you can do to heal and move your life forward. It is my hope that you use this information to elevate your awareness and not blame, but make a new choice. This is what awareness does. It gives us the ability to make new choices for the things that are not working in our lives.

This week we are going to explore The Disabled Dad. This dad may have issues with mental or physical illnesses. Or he could struggle with drugs, alcohol or anger. Whatever his issues are, these disabilities in a father’s life will prevent him from creating any kind of close connection with his daughter.

A disabled dad could also be a passive father who just doesn’t fully engage or bond with his daughter. He oftentimes will sit back and allow her mother to handle the personal interaction while he plays a more passive role in his daughter’s life. This is because he simply lacks the ability to form any close connection with her. Whatever this dad’s disability, it will prevent him from validating his daughter which is something every little girl needs from her father.

The impact of growing up with a disabled dad can create a lot of repressed anger within the daughter. This can cause the daughter to become distant and unable to form close relationships with others. Especially when it comes to her romantic and intimate relationships. She may appear withdrawn, distant and cold. This is because of an underlying false belief that she’s unlovable. She simply cannot believe that anyone could ever love her. And in many cases she will unleash her anger on others to unconsciously validate this false belief. She has no real sense of who she is because her father didn’t validate her and she carry inside of her an intense amount of insecurity.

I want to encourage you to begin to claim your right to exist and get help with learning how to initiate emotional connection and expressing your feelings with others. Start to increase the amount of time you spend with your loved ones and learn to trust others with your feelings.

Our fathers don’t always understand how their behaviors will impact our lives. Yet, we still have a responsibility to change what does not work for us and release what no longer serves us. You deserve to reclaim your life and your happiness. Remember, you can flourish beyond your fatherlessness.

Questions: Did you have a Disabled Dad in your life? What was his disability? Tell us, what was your experience?  Share below in the comment box.

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