Are you often confused by what happens in your life? Do you wonder why you have experiences you do not really want?

Our lives are intended to work when we align our lives with the universal and spiritual laws that governs it. And we all participate in these laws, without knowing, by our very nature.

The truth is, we attract what we are. What we are is our human nature. We also attract who we are, and who we are is our spiritual nature. It’s important that we understand how both of these natures function.

If we are ‘reactors’ we will attract people and situations that trigger our reactions. If we see ourselves as victims we will attract people and situations that seem to victimize us.

If we refuse to take responsibility for our actions we will find someone or something to blame. If we do not accept ourselves we will have relationships in which we experience rejection.

If we do not manage our money, we will find plenty of occasions to spend more than is prudent.

These characteristics of our personality (human nature) describe what we are – reactors, victims, irresponsible, non self-accepting, unwise in our personal finances, and so forth.

Every one of these occasions or situations that we attract is totally determined by what we want to justify or validate in our thinking, feelings and behaviors.

In a deeper sense, they are also opportunities to overcome the limitations of our human nature. We need these opportunities to make us aware of what’s happening within us and to prove to ourselves that re-enforcing limitations does not bring satisfaction or happiness.

And we need them to challenge ourselves to understand ourselves and life more, and to free ourselves through making new choices for change.

Who we are at essence, at our core, also attracts the circumstances we need. This essence, in a more profound sense, is spiritual. As a spiritual being, we are beautiful, powerful, wise and loving.

As a spiritual being, we attract people and opportunities to relate in loving ways without fear of rejection. We recognize needs and respond to them courageously without fear of failure or feelings of inadequacy.

As a spiritual being,  we attract to our awareness the natural inner goodness of all people, despite appearances to the contrary. As a spiritual being, we are forgiving and compassionate to ourselves as well as others.

When we have experiences in our life that we don’t like or don’t want, we need to ask ourselves what in our personality is attracting that reality.

Am I showing up as “What I am (human) or Who I am (spiritual)?” And in any given moment, you have the power to choose how you will show up. Nurture and feed your spiritual part of you daily by reading, praying, meditating, being careful what you watch and listen to. Feed your spiritual side, remove negative influences, people, situations that do not feed you spiritual. Then you will begin to live in the pure possibilities of your spiritual divine essence and nature…then watch your life transform. That’s when the magic happens. And like my son Brian says, “You can’t turn off magic.”