So much is at risk when it comes to women and girls. We have our political leaders, which are the majority of men, who are now deciding our state in this country. We have medical doctors treating women as cattle by not addressing the root of many of our health issues. We still have inequality in the work place and so much more is happening within our midst. Do we simply sit by as spectators and do nothing or do we speak out. Many are speaking out with movements such as the “Me Too”  and the Time’s Up’ movements. But a battle cry alone will not get us results. We’ve got to add more power behind our voices and the only way to do that is the clear our voices and breakthrough those things that have dimmed our light and silence our messages.

I believe it’s time for us all to begin to stand up because we know that when things go bad, women and children become the first casualties. As women we’ve come too far to simply sit back and do nothing.  You are probably thinking, “What can I do?” I am glad you asked. You can do this by creating a platform for your message to be heard. One of the greatest platforms I’ve been able to use has been being an entrepreneur.

I knew 34 years ago, when I started my first company, that my entrepreneurial journey would be the driving force behind the good that I could do for my community. But there was one problem.  I was not as effective as I could have been back then because I hadn’t healed many of the wounds that I carried.

The truth is, many women are wounded. And we find it hard to RISE when our wounds are not healed. For fatherless women, our wounds go back to the beginning of our lives. If we don’t address wounds, many associated with our most primary and foundational relationships, we will miss this grand opportunity to discover how very powerful we are and can be.

So it’s not only important for you to heal and address these invisible, muted and unrecognizable wounds that you may still carry, but it’s also imperative for you to create a platform that will make a difference in all of our lives. The question now is not Who…but the question is “When?”