Truth be told, we have never seen times like this before. If we’re not careful, we will allow fear to cripple us. But we can’t. In the midst of this Pandemic and economic crisis, I want to encourage you to stop fearing.


Remember, the vision of one world will cost you the vision of another world. What world have you chosen to believe and live in?
I have chosen to believe in a world of faith, not fear. I’ve chosen to live in a world of plenty, not lack. I’ve chosen to live in a world of wellness/healing, not sickness and death. I’ve chosen to live in a world of love, not hate. I’ve chosen to live an a world of gratitude, not complaint or entitlement.


I encourage. you to chose to participate in thoughts and beliefs that are more powerful than fear. Chose to live in a world of vision and purpose. Chose to fight in faith.


You see, crisis always proceeds transformation and it is my prayer that we will all emerge from this more expanded, more kinder, more passionate, more loving than we were when we started. What we’re all  going through will reveal to us who we are.


Romans 8:18 says, “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” What will be revealed in you?


We can defeat this foe…but not with fear. We can defeat this foe with a collective commitment to prayer, meditation, love and faith…and when we Rise Up as ONE…we will Vibrate, Echo, Amplify so powerfully that it will literally SHAKE the Planet!


We are infinite beings…created by an Infinite God…and we can declare and decree what we want! Language the life you want…not the one you don’t want. We can BE who We were BORN to BE!


But we can’t do this without each other…we must do this together…Because WE Speak as ONE…but in many ways…it’s the POWER Of a Collective VOICE! Now Let’s ROAR!