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We are igniting a generation of Certified Fatherless Daughter Advocates who will help to rewrite the tragic story of fatherlessness in the lives of women/girls. 

Our 5 Year Mission!

We have a 5 Year Mission to offer Hope and Healing to One Million Women/Girls Globally. In order to accomplish this mission, it will take individuals who will commit to their own healing process and pay it forward by becoming one of our Certified Fatherless Daughter Advocates. This is lifetime opportunity to make a difference in the lives of women and girls who have carried these invisible wounds much too long. WE ARE LOOKING FOR SERIOUS, MOTIVATED INDIVIDUALS WHO TRULY WANT TO be apart of the solution of helping females to flourish beyond fatherlessness. 


Our goal is to train and certify 1,000 advocates over the next five years. That’s 200 new advocates per year for the next five years. Advocates will be trained and certified in our ground breaking work, The Journey to Being Process™. Advocates will also learn how to create their own tribe of 1,000 fatherless women and girls to serve and help them to flourish beyond fatherlessness.

As a result, we will have ignited a generation of Fatherless Daughter Advocates who will create a movement of healing, hope and joy for one million women and girls everywhere. The result: ONE MILLION women/girls flourishing beyond fatherlessness. We will also provide quarterly training, leadership and ongoing support to help you position yourself as a leader & expert, to increase your influence, your impact and your income, all while transforming the lives of the women and girls you serve.

The Work: Our Approach

Our founder, Angela Carr Patterson, searched everywhere for programs and curriculums that addressed the unique needs of females who grew up fatherless. She found none. What she discovered was many forums and platforms to bring about the awareness of the impact of fatherlessness, but none that would offer any sustainable real results to this hidden, muted and unrecognizable pain that lived in souls of 2 out of 3 females. Therefore, she decided to create such program. Angela’s ground breaking framework, ”The Journey to Being Process™”, is based on a belief that a Fatherless Daughter’s Core issue is the result of a misplaced sense of identity and an intense desire to be loved, valued, and validated.

As females, we receive our identity through our paternal relationships and connections. When this relationship bond fails to exist in our lives, we spend our entire existence trying to find ourselves and search for love through paths that do not serve us. Yet, our pain will NEVER HEAL, until we heal our mis-placed sense of identity.


Because of this mis-placed sense of identity, we struggle with feelings of rejection, of inadequacy and insecurity, and many fatherless daughters begin to view themselves inaccurately. Our perceptions of ourselves become distorted by unchallenged and often erroneous beliefs embedded in our subconscious mind.


We begin to hold a self-image that makes us believe that we are somehow broken, unloved and unlovable. And that self-image controls everything we think, say and do. Our lives will never be different from what our self-image says we are. Yet, when we release that old limiting self-image and begin to see ourselves as who and what we really are: we will automatically become that person.

With a new and authentic self-image of a person who is valued, loved and lovable, we will no longer search for love and validation outside of ourselves. When this shift happens, will we be able to create anything we want in life and the kind of love we deserve.

The structure of “The Journey to Being Process™” rests upon 3 Pillars framed around the unique needs of fatherless daughters. They Are:

  1. Redefine who you are beyond your fatherlessness.
  2. Reclaim your value and worth through actualizing the power of self-love.
  3. Rewrite a new narrative for your life and create hope and a clear vision for your future.

Retracing your life beyond your mother’s womb to understand your true identity, while actualizing the power of self-love to embrace your true value, will unlock the hidden secrets to a journey of love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

Business in a Box

This training is a truly a business in a box. You will have everything you need to launch a very successful tribe and movement as a Certified Fatherless Daughter Advocate, all while transforming the lives of women and girls. This is a virtual training that you can participate in from the comfort of your own home or office.

Virtual Learning

Take the Training From Anywhere in the World

Learn from the comfort of your home or office. Training content is user friendly and easily understandable and accessible.

6 Powerful Modules

Our Training is Content Rich and Powerful

All modules are filled with powerful and rich content, easy to understand lessons with downloadable templates and worksheets, instructor guides, power point presentations with scripts to use during your workshops and events.

Collaboration & Support

Collaborate w/ Other Advocates & Receive On-Going Support

Once you complete the training, you will receive quarterly training and on-going support from our management team and connect with other advocates in our private online community.


Organizations, Educational or Religious Institutions who serve women and girls are encouraged to have your team/staff trained and certified in this groundbreaking, result driven curriculum. Because 2 out of 3 females are impacted by some form of fatherlessness, you need this powerful, rich, and relevant content to adequately address many of the deeper underlying issues that are only unique to women and girls. Contact us to learn how your team can attend one of our upcoming “Live Virtual Certification Trainings” so that your organization can better serve your community.

Dr. Richard Horowitz

“It leaves a hole in their soul that’s difficult to fill and they carry this father hunter into adulthood until they deal with it.”

President Barak Obama

“If we’re honest, we’ll admit that what too many fathers are missing — missing from too many lives and too many homes.”

Advocate’s Reviews

The Fatherless Daughter Advocate Training has been transformational and I thank you for sharing your gift.  The online website is user friendly, I was able to access the course and materials with ease and I love that it was self-paced and the training was not overwhelming. I received so much value from the program and was able to identify what was personally holding me back and go through the process of healing my own fatherless wounds, that I didn’t even knew existed. I was able to recognize how it was impacting my life and make some major personal shifts and I feel confident that I will be able to help other fatherless daughters and women heal their fatherless wounds.
LaKeisha Hankins


Dream Career

If you are looking for excitement, flexible hours  and the comfort of knowing that you are taking care of your family while doing meaningful work, this could be the perfect fit for you.

Changing Lives

This is not just some hype-filled ad promoting another hype-filled opportunity based on empty promises. Becoming a Fatherless Daughter Advocate has truly changed the lives of countless women and girls.


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Our Next Live Virtual Certification Training

October 18, 2021- December 13, 2021

Note: All Trainings Will Be Held via Zoom on Mondays, 2PM – 3:30PM EST. (Trainings will be recorded and available up to 72 Hours)


What You Will Receive: 

  • Access to our Live Virtual Certification Training w/ Angela Carr Patterson
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  • 24/7 Access to our Personal Growth/Business Building Online Library
  • Ongoing Support in our Quarterly Live Training
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  • Certification/License to All Intellectual Property

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