Over the years, I have written and spoken on numerous of topics. Yet it never ceases to amaze me that the number one topic for most people is “Love“. In almost every conversation, the subject of love seems to surfaces. It has become a cultural obsession. Someone is trying either to find, keep or to get rid of what they thought was true love; nevertheless, we remain obsessed with it.
Over the past few months, I’ve received an increased amount of emails, phone calls and text messages from men and women asking for my help. It appears that the pandemic has created some issues and problems in their love life. Many people are blaming our current circumstances as the reason for much of their relationships struggles and pains.
But you’ve heard me say that this pandemic will reveal who we really are and it’s happening in many relationships right now. Either it’s revealing the best part of us or it’s revealing the worst part of us.
Let’s face it. Relationships can be tough at times. And it can be even tougher during a Pandemic. Especially because most people have never been through a Pandemic before AND they’ve never been taught how to make love work.


We rush to find help on how to make a million bucks in our businesses, how to navigate social media, how to gain more clients, how to lose weight…and more “how to.” Yet, we rarely ask for help on “how to love.”
Someone taught you how to ride a bike, drive a car and tie your shoe. But WHO taught you how to love? Think about it.
Most of us learned how to love by what we saw modeled in front of us. And for most of us, that was dysfunctional. So if you’ve not learned the proper keys to making love work in regular times…how in the world will you manage to make love work during a pandemic? How do you navigate through the fears of this pandemic and economic down turn and keep your relationship good?
Many couples are experiencing some never before feelings as they are on lock down almost 24/7 with their beloved. Then others are having feelings of loneliness, abandonment and isolation because they haven’t been able to see their beloved in weeks/months, or they have no one at all in their life.
How do we live though what has been an unthinkable and terrifying experience without it having an impact on our personal relationships?
I want to share with you how we can do it. Over the years, I have coached numerous individuals and couples from around the world on how to create loving and successful committed relationships and marriages. I’ve studied from some of the world’s best relationship gurus and experts. I’ve also learned from my own personal experiences. Combining science, spirituality, wisdom, research and some good old common sense, I created one of my most powerful result driven workshops on love. And now I am ready to share with you.
This is an invitation for you to join and others on June 8th at 2PM EST for my “Making Love Work Through a Pandemic Virtual Workshop.
Whether you’re married, single, divorced, widowed or it’s complicated…this virtual workshop is just for you. Love is supposed to be good…it’s supposed to promote growth, expansion and elevation in the lives of those involved. Love is supposed to make us better.

And it can, when we learn the keys and gain the skills to overcome the barriers, blocks and beliefs that keep us on the up and down love roller coaster.

Join me for a up close and personal look into the dynamics of how to make love work during a pandemic. Enroll Now!