As we leave 2016 and enter into 2017, there are many things we want to leave behind that no longer serves us. Right? I know for me, there are many things that I no longer want to deal with in the new year. So I asked myself, if there was one thing that I wanted to focus on this coming year, what would it be?

One word to describe my intention for 2017. That word for me is “Surrender.” Why “Surrender,” you may ask? Because I understand that if I surrendered my thoughts, my attitudes, my negative behavior patterns, my dreams, my intentions to God in a deeper and more profound way, that I would literally see my life transformed. Also in surrendering, it would be easier for me to let go and release the things that I no longer want in 2017.

So let’s have some fun. Take a moment and choose one word. Just one word that describes your focus for 2017 and list it in the comments. I would love to hear what you have to say.

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I will see you there. Be sure to put your one word in the comment box!