Our Programs and Services

Our Programs:

Our goal is to provide resources and services to elevate the awareness of the impact of having an absent, unavailable or absent father in a female’s life. We offer result driven solutions to decrease the long term effects on her life as she become an adult. We do this through many services, events, programs and products.


Father Loves Best Workshop for Dads:

Fathers Love Best is a Presentation or Workshop facilitated by Angela Carr Patterson to fathers who are now ready to learn what it takes to prevent their girls from becoming a fatherless daughter and to provide them with the essentials needed to lay a healthy foundation for their self worth and self value. Presented a non-judgement and non-condescending manner, Angela is able to share with dads everywhere, the importance of their role in their daughter’s life. Whether she is 15 or 50 years of age, every girls yearns for her daddy. Learn the Keys to Your Daughter’s Love Language.  Details Here…


Fatherless Daughters Home Study Breakthrough Program:

This home study program will help fatherless daughters unlock the hidden secrets to love, money and success. A powerful program to change the lives of fatherless daughters everywhere.  Can be taken from the comfort of your own home. A breakthrough for fatherless daughters everywhere. Details Here…


Join Our Community: The Fatherless Daughters Online Facebook Community

Our monthly Fatherless Daughters Online Community  (FDOC) is a safe space for growing, healing and connecting within the community  Our goal is to also create an online space where women connect, grow and share. Community members gather daily within our private Facebook Group to connect and participate in a powerful monthly community empowerment call. They gain access to other features such as our weekly Soulful Conversatiions Radio Show, live events and resources. This is a global issue and should not be limited to just one demographic. We aim to heal daddy wounds in the hearts of women and girls everywhere.  Be sure to join our online Facebook Community for Fatherless Daughter Women at:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/fatherlessdaughters