We all seek to know ourselves. Yet, we don’t always seem to find ourselves. That’s because who we are has been buried beneath all of the illusions that prevent us from truly experiencing the truth of who we are.

And if we are to listen to all of the so called personal development experts, we would remain on this up and down roller coaster of self discovery. The truth is, we no longer have to look for our truest selves outside our ourselves. Because who we are is trying so desperately to fully emerge from within. The Journey of Awakening is not filled with trying to improve, fix or make better yourself better. It’s about allowance and surrender to the natural unfolding and emergence of your already perfected divine self.

Studies show that you learn about your identity through your paternal relationship. It’s through that relationship, a girl begins to see her worth and value reflected back to her by her father. Yet, as a Fatherless Daughter, your relationship with your father has been flawed and tainted. Therefore, creating a flawed and tainted self image of who you are. In order to change this erroneous image of who you are, you’ve got to Redefine Who You Are Beyond Your Fatherlessness. We do this by retracing our lives beyond our mother’s wound.

What we mean by retracing your life beyond your mother’s womb is to go deeper into the pure essence of who you are. Your true identity that’s buried underneath the false mis-placed identity of pain.

As we learn to take our cues from nature, we will also learn how life truly works. Nature definitely hold the secrets to the Universe. The Universe is a self organizing system that works automatically whether you and I agree with it or not. It follows a natural flow. Just as the embryo became a baby, the caterpillar became a butterfly and an acorn became an oak tree, so can you become the highest form and expanded version of yourself as well.

The embryo, the caterpillar and the acorn didn’t need any help from outside influences to make their transformation into their full potential state of the baby, butterfly and oak tree. The only thing that was required for this self organizing system to yield the highest results, was that the proper conditions were met.

They all needed a nurturing environment for the emergence to take place. You see the embryo needed the womb, the caterpillar needed the cocoon and the acorn needed the soil to fully emerge as a baby, a butterfly and an oak tree.

And so it is with you. As you shift and align with who you are, you will begin to emerge as your truest self naturally. You have a sense of who you are, but do you know the details?

Are you ready to explore… question… pay attention? Prepare to meet someone absolutely fascinating: YOU!