Every problem comes bearing its own solution. The solution resides deep inside each of us. That solution is called your purpose. It’s the problem, the crisis you were born to solve.

The idea, the book, the song, the message, the invention, the painting, the movie, the stage play, the design, the business, the cures, the discoveries, the career, the curriculum, the teachings and etc., are the vehicles you use to give birth to the solutions. We call these things, visions.

How do you discover your purpose? Your purpose is encoded in your life’s story. Your purpose is wrapped inside the thing that’s caused you the most pain, the most struggles in life and you survived it.

The process you used to survive it…you begin to share it and that’s when it becomes your life’s work.

The problems you’ve personally encountered in life, are the ones you were born to solve. Say yes to your purpose…then start “Building Dreams and Birthing Visions.” The world is waiting on your story, your solutions and for you to shine.