I never set out to be one of the poster children for fatherless daughters. I began this journey after my first marriage of 16 years had ended in 1995. It was 2012, when I decided to publish my book, “I’m Not That Woman…a Fatherless Daughters Journey to Being.” Once that book was released, my life was never the same.


Women from around the world had read my book and were contacting me to share their stories. I discovered that I was not alone on this journey.  But little did I know it had become an epidemic.


Then in 2013, Oprah Winfrey and Iyanla Vanzant did a show “Daddyless Daughters” on the OWN Network.  After that show aired, my inbox became flooded. I read stories from women who shared a common pain…our flawed for nonexistent father-daughter relationship.


What was just supposed to be a book to share my story, had now become one of my life’s mission. The Fatherless Daughters Network was actually birthed out of a need and cry for help. The demand on my schedule became overwhelming. I had created my groundbreaking work, “The Journey to Being Process™” because I could not find a result driven program dedicated to the pains and needs of fatherless women and girls.


There simply was not enough days in the year for me to accept every speaking, workshop engagement or TV/Radio interviews.  I needed help.


I had already created an online Facebook group for fatherless women but more was needed. Therefore, I created The Fatherless Daughters Network, a community of certified fatherless daughter advocates who would provide resources, workshops and events to help women girls move beyond the pain of fatherlessness. This was the mission of the network.
We are now have advocate in almost 22 US states and 6 different countries. Yet there’s more needed to do. This movement was never suppose to be just about me. This vision is supposed to out live me and continue long after I am gone.


I often hear women say things like, “I can’t help anyone because I still need to heal.” Listen, If I had waited until I was completely healed, I would never had written my book. The truth is, your healing comes in waves and layers. Once you think you’ve conquered one area, another one wound surfaces. It’s the journey. But what keeps me from sabotaging my life is that every time I serve you, I heal. This is how it works. Who better to do this work than someone who knows this pain?



I have made a decision that has shocked many and perhaps will shock you too. I will no longer operate this The Fatherless Daughters Network movement without the kind of support it was intended to have.


2018 will be our final year of operation,  if we are unable to gather enough advocates to help us help them. I will no longer operate it out of alignment with it’s intended purpose. Where purpose is unknown abuse is inevitable.


My heart’s desire is to never close The Fatherless Daughters Network. I will look at ways in which I can be more committed and I ask that you do the same. And together we can change the lives of fatherless women and girls, one heart at a time.